Middle School (MSD)

Summer in the Library!

Summer Check Out Dates:

  • Monday, June 3, 9:30-11:30
  • Monday, June 24, 9:30-11:30

Summer Library Hours:

The elementary and secondary libraries will be open twice during the summer for you to check out books. Students who are enrolled for the SY 2019-2020 will be able to check out up to 10 books. Parents may also check out up to 10 books. Children entering grade 5 and younger must be accompanied by an adult.

Here's the plan for our Summer 2019 Faith Reads in the Middle School.

Studies shows that you can lose up to 4 months of academic progress during summer months if you are not engaged in some sort of meaningful learning experience. YIKES!


One way that you can prevent that loss is by reading your “just right” books over the summer.

Your “just right” books are books that you can read within 2 weeks

if you are doing 20+ minutes of reading every day.

Your “just right” books should be books that you enjoy reading, books that teach you something about the world beyond, books that challenge you to pursue new things, books that cause you to dream, and books that give you

ideas to run with.



Use the ‘2019 MSD Summer Reading Challenge’ sheet and choose some challenges that interest you. Use recommendations from family and friends or internet sites such as Goodreads.com to help you search for books that meet those challenges.


Read 3 or more ‘Just Right’ books in English.

These books should meet three different challenges on the ‘2019 MSD Summer Reading Challenge’ sheet.


  1. Write down the title, author and genre of the book on the back of the challenge sheet.
  2. Put a tick in the box next to the challenge that you met on the front of the sheet..


  • Add more blank sheets of paper stapled on if you read more than fit on one page!
  • Search for genres by typing ‘genre’ and the title of the book into Google.

Remember to read with a discerning mind. The content, the language, the themes in some of the books you pick up may be uncomfortable for you or offensive to you. It’s okay to start a book and then decide not to finish it. But don’t let that stop you from picking up the next book!

Take a look at the Faith Reads! website (http://faithreads.faith.edu.ph) for booklists, helpful websites, and other reading resources on the web. Also, you may want to download free audiobooks (2 are released every week) at Sync. If you are unsure of anything, do your best to figure it out based on the fact that the teachers just want you to be reading. Chances are, if you are reading, you are meeting their expectations! Don’t worry about the details too much. Oh, and don’t lose your the checkmark list! Have a blessed summer and enjoy your reading!

MSD Summer Reading Challenge 2019